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---One of the Musical Performers we get here is Jon Hammond. He has been playing here for quite a long time. He would mention in passing, between songs, some celebrities that are household names. It was done in such a way that it sounded as if he had met some of these people. Come to find out, he had.
---After I got to talking to Jon, I realized that the polish he brings to his jazz piano and, to the Hospital, is no fluke. Jon resides mostly in New York City. He has a place in Time Square. In his neighborhood alone he met Paul Newman. Joanne Woodward, and Al Pacino. He also has a Cable Access show there. On his Show he has interviewed people who he has found interesting. His favorite was Lionel Hampton, the reknowned vibe player. ''At 80 years old, he was full of energy.''
---Another he enjoyed had been Cab Calloway. This was after his re-emeregence from the ''Blues Brothers'' movie. He mentions as one of his non-musician guests to be none other than Andy Warhol. It seems that Andy was interested in the Computer Graphics and Artwork that Jon and his crew used on the Show.
---Though he plays a ''jazz organ'' on his CD 's and with his Band, Jon has been banging on the piano from about age six. When the Beatles came on the scene in '64, Jon, with most others his age, decided to become a ''Rock'' star. He tried his hand at this. He had some groups ranging in name from ''Hades'' to ''Contraband.'' He becomes thoughtful at this moment.''Contraband was a pretty good band.'' At age thirteen he got his first electric-accordian.
---Jon has a small collection of accordians-mostly electric. He has inked a deal with Excelsior, and has received as his choice, some fine instruments from them. He also notes that e-bay, the computer sales website, is a good source. Jon mentions that he will be playing accordian for Broadway's own Fiddler on the
Roof', ''Whenever I learn the music.'' He says it is about as thick as a Telephone Book.
---His latest group is made up of the ''Late-Rent'' Sessionmen. As the name implies, whenever Jon is a little short and behind on his Rent, his landlord
takes some music in trade.
---Jon plays about every month or two here. Look for the fliers and catch his Show. I asked him why someone who trots the globe makes such frequent stops at a California Hospital. He says ''Well, my Father was a physician. My Grandfather was a physician. I'm a musician. I like to see the people smile.'' Jon does his ''therapy'' in another way. He hopes to be one of the first performers when they build the ''New Hospital.'' Happy Holidays.

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