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August, 2013 - Almost 10 Years!

A Day in the Life

August 2, 2013

---Today was another highlight reel day for me. I had one and then two student nurses who worked with me this morning. I mentioned how much that (intelligent) TLC on the part of the nurse is important…and how beneficial it is at LHH. We spoke of making believe that the one you are caring for is a parent, relative or even a child of yours. How important it would be to make sure you give your very best. We, also, spoke of how you can’t go very wrong if you apply the Golden this line of work, especially.

---They gave me an examination, listened to my heart and lungs. They don’t get to practise a lot on real patients…as of yet. They seemed to get all excited when they located my liver, spleen, etc. They checked my stomach and digestion. I just liked the attention. They gave me a clean bill of health aside from the whole stroke thing that made me a patient in the first place.

---There was Happy Hour at 2:00 PM. We had pizza and are/were allowed a two drink MAXimum. I had two beers and found myself having enjoyed three different conversations. I think that this is a wonderful social event that we have. It is like a Happy Hour (anywhere)…but, overseen by the doctor in a much loosened, but very controlled, environment...for a Nursing Home/Hospital. One of the volunteers worked in the education dept., of LHH before retiring a couple of years ago. I had known her from my early days at the hospital.

(Baby + Bathwater Situation - There are those who think that alcohol and a setting like Happy Hour has NO place in a Nursing Home/Hospital that we have. I disagree, big time, with that as I see how walls are lowered and the interaction amongst the patients goes way up. I think that alcohol (used intelligently) brightens most patients and aids greatly in their recoverability.) Of course...those with alcohol problems, don't have alcohol.

---The former LHH employee and myself talked about a conversation we had ten years ago. It was about separating the attitude and behavior from the patient. You then understand that it is NOT the patient or person you have a problem with…but, the attitude or behavior that he exemplifies. Folks tend to take things so personally when you accuse them or blame them…but, when you work with them on attitude and behavior from a general standpoint…they are seen easily and more objectively. One can then see them from a distance AND watch them vanish.

---We (The GUMBO BOYZ) sang this afternoon at about 3 pm…after my two beer Happy Hour. I enjoy that a lot . It reminds me of singing with Bobby Darling in the BDS. A couple of beers always seemed to be a good lubricant for the evening or afternoon. We sounded good and serve a wonderful purpose for the hospital. It is residents entertaining residents which I would like to see more of. There is Cho (activities supervisor, guitar and vocals, Walter and myself. We both do vocals and I play kazoo. My kazoo playing has improved immensely over the years. It really adds a lot.

---I talked with my social worker about our upcoming trip to the zoo. We are going to try to see every animal mentioned by Paul Simon (At The Zoo.) My social worker will be on vacation soon.

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